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La Palina Oscuro (5Pack)

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La Palina is a brand that has been crafting premium cigars with passion and precision since the late 1800s. Despite producing cigars from almost every major tobacco region, they had never before created a cigar using tobacco from Nicaragua - until now. In collaboration with master blender AJ Fernandez, La Palina Nicaragua line brings a new level of refinement to the brand's portfolio.

The Nicaragua Oscuro features a rich Ecuadorian Oscuro wrapper in a deep brown hue, covering a blend of savory Nicaraguan tobaccos. This medium-bodied cigar offers a unique flavor profile, with hints of leather, dark chocolate, and oak coming to the forefront as the cigar progresses.

If you're a fan of La Palina cigars, or looking to try something new and refined, give the Nicaraguan Oscuro a try, it's one of our favorites!