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Caton Review

Always a solid selection, but I have a tendency to give the lanceros away. I’d like to see more short sticks added into the picks.

The best cigar subscription.

UHC is the best cigar subscription I have ever used. Usually you get 1-2/5 cigars that are worth smoking. With UHC I have enjoyed 90% of the cigars in every package!


I love my lighter and cutter!! Can’t wait to order a hat next!!!

Love the service.

My only tiff is getting the same unicorn 3x now. I really love the surprise of what the unicorn may be. You can only get the Padilla lancero so many times lol.

Worth it!

I’m a big bang-for-your-buck guy. This subscription is value-added. With the transition to points, I think it will improve. I highly recommend.

I guess it’d be cool To know when the unicorn cigar is coming up with your subscription 🤷🏻‍♂️. I forget how many months have passed and I always get so stoked to think I’m Getting one. Other than that, love the cigars!

The Cigars that I’m getting are some real good ones

Awesome sauce

Great selection and great quality cigars

Good quality cigars

Great! But….

Really great but the only thing I will write is i got 3 of the same unicorns back to back. They were great but I would’ve liked a different one each time.


Easy to navigate website, great instagram media staff that captures amazing shots and makes for great advertisement and as for my purchase, I am in love with my torch and happy with my 5 pack sampler! Overall, 10/10 and excited to see where this company is at within the next coming years!

Love UHC

Awesome cigars and love my lighter


I love everything about the Unicorn Hunters Club. You guys are the greatest! Very excited to see what’s to coming in the future. I’m hoping UHC polo shirts so I can wear them while playing golf.

Love cigars received!!!

Surprised husband with cigars! He loved them!


My wife and I are avid cigar smokers. We look forward to the black box showing up in the mail every month. I haven't found the cigar that blows me away yet, but we thoroughly enjoy opening that pink sleeve and seeing what we got.

The reviews are right on the money and we spend time reading every one of them. The wife doesn't like to share though so she wants her own subscription.

Great pack to discover your daily smoke

Every month I’m excited to see what comes in and try the cigars out. I’ve always had high quality smokes. Burns even, doesn’t fall apart, tight and aged. My only complaint is the quarterly unicorn cigar. I received a Padilla Miami. Now a quick look and that’s not rare at all.

Solid Smokes!

Always exciting receiving that pink zipper bag!! Every delivery has been fantastic and I have to remind myself that they’re meant be smoked. Good job Uni Hunter

Phenomenal Experience!

Absolutely loving the quality of the cigars I receive in the monthly packs and find the ability to load up on my favorites from them through the 5 packs incredible! Especially at wholesale prices!!! Thank you Unicorn Hunters Club! Unicorn 🦄🙌👌💨

First Box Excitement

Showed up t8mely as expected and was pleased with the selection that showed up in my first box! Haven't smoked them all yet but no doubt they will all be tasty treats. Already looking forward to my next box.

Warped 1988 (5Pack)

Good stuff!


The cigars have been good but still waiting on the elusive unicorn 🦄. Also ordered a 5 pack and it's been over 2 weeks and no cigars.

Loving this subscription!

I've really enjoyed the offerings I've received since the very beginning and the unicorn sticks are a real treat. I've discovered quite a few new go-to smokes in the packs and always get fired up when I get the e-mail that the next pack is on the way. Keep up the great work!

Not a great start….

I received my first order, it came and I scanned the card. Read up on what was supposed to be in the pouch, mostly stuff I’ve never tried. I put the cigar pouch in my humidor without opening it. Couple of weeks later I open it up and there are completely different cigars in the pouch. Mostly sticks that I have had or currently have now. Not super pleased. I haven’t received The next month’s order yet

Wrong address

I sent in my new address and you guys verified you received it. It was still sent to my old address

Pure Joy

The cigars never disappoint! But the Joy of opening the pink bag each month is unmatched!