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Special Unicorn Hunters Release

Based on 25 reviews
Loving this subscription!

I've really enjoyed the offerings I've received since the very beginning and the unicorn sticks are a real treat. I've discovered quite a few new go-to smokes in the packs and always get fired up when I get the e-mail that the next pack is on the way. Keep up the great work!

Not a great start….

I received my first order, it came and I scanned the card. Read up on what was supposed to be in the pouch, mostly stuff I’ve never tried. I put the cigar pouch in my humidor without opening it. Couple of weeks later I open it up and there are completely different cigars in the pouch. Mostly sticks that I have had or currently have now. Not super pleased. I haven’t received The next month’s order yet

Wrong address

I sent in my new address and you guys verified you received it. It was still sent to my old address

Pure Joy

The cigars never disappoint! But the Joy of opening the pink bag each month is unmatched!

Great line up

Great line up for the price. I appreciate that I never feel like an effort was made to “make a quick buck” off of us. I never feel cheated and that’s huge.


The cigars are great but I guess I expected more. Most I have had. The vitolas are varied and I like that. Don't usually smoke Lanceros but I was impressed. Still waiting for that elusive Unicorn!


I have enjoyed being a member and receiving cigars that I would not come by if I was not a member

Best cigar club out there

This is the best monthly cigar club out there. Every cigar is a good fit for the box, and packed with some very rare sticks on a monthly basis. It’s nice not getting a two page made up backstory every month on why a certain $4 cigar is now inherently special. Unicorn hunters is special, no gimmick needed.


Where will this go with Pierre stepping aside? He’s been the face thus far, and most of us joined based on his cigar experience and expertise, what should we expect moving forward? I received the same unicorn twice in a row, and I’m concerned his stepping aside had something to do with it? Are unicorns going to be hard to source without his relationships?


Good cigars


I really like trying the different cigars that I wouldn't normally get without the subscription.

I got my Unicorn package

I really enjoy my unicorn subscription! There are so many great selections, stuff I have not try out yet! I really love all the cigars I received so far. I definitely recommend this subscription to everyone!

Amazing cigarrs but the shipping price is extremely high

Unicorn June subscription

Awesome cigars


Its great getting cigars shipped to me each month. Some I have had before mixed in with something new which is great!

Save the Lanceros

My expectations have been exceeded every month. Please keep the Lanceros coming. I love them!


It would be nice to know if any of the cigars in the packs are aged at all or what year the cigars came from. Sometimes it feels like I am not getting the best bang for my buck when I receive cigars that I could have found online quite easily. There are other clubs that I feel give well more than what you’ve paid for, and I am factoring in the unicorn you get every few months. There have certainly been diamonds in the rough, in terms of value or exclusivity, but a lot of the time I am underwhelmed. I pay the reduced fee of $50, and I don't think I would continue if I was paying the $70.

Love my Unicorn Hunters Club Memebership!!

World class!

I have nothing but great things to say about the club! I’m so happy that I got in early thank you guys for enough for honoring a $50 a month pricing is absolutely incredible. The only suggestion I would give is if you release videos with every month drop I think that would be awesome just more details and knowledge about each cigar would be phenomenal

Full Disclosure, I work here...

But, nevertheless, this subscription is unlike another! We truly care about the customer, we prioritize their needs as we want to build a life lasting relationships. We also truly care about the manufactures, we never hassle them for price drops to increase our business profit, we support them 100%. Love building this type of community!!!!

Best in the game…

Month after month this cigar subscription puts in bangers. High-end cigars, brand names from Tatuaje, Fuente, Padron. And not the entry level stuff, but the higher end lines. Don’t even get me started on the once every three month Unicorn Stick.

This is the new bar in the cigar game

Amazing community

This is an amazing community with an awesome selection of monthly cigars!

Cigar choices are top notch! Really
Appreciate the thought going into each bundle.

Amazing club

Each shipment is unique and different from previous packs. I love being able to experience different brands and sizes that I normally wouldn’t have ever before.