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SP1014 Love N Passion 740

SP1014 Love N Passion 740

As a self-proclaimed lancero aficionado #savethelanceros, I'm always eager to explore new blends. While this review doesn't feature a brand-new discovery, it revisits the well-received Sanj Patel SP1014 Love N Passion, a cigar that resonated with many of our club members.

The cigar's band, reminiscent of a familiar checkered pattern (cohiba), exudes a certain charm despite its potential for déjà vu. Notably, this blend, originally crafted in 1992, was recently re-released in 2022 under the skillful hands of Francisco "Chico" Rivas.

Despite some veining, the cigar shines a visually appealing presence, featuring a pigtail and closed foot. A straight cut reveals earthy and cedar notes on the cold draw, while the closed foot limits pre-light aroma exploration. I’m a fan of the closed foot as it allows you to experience the flavor of just the wrapper to start your journey.





Upon lighting, the initial puffs unveil a distinctly light-bodied experience, ideal for my morning smoking habits, by the way, these reviews are done in the morning while I still maintain a clean palate. The smoke exhibits a pleasant creaminess, very cedar and earthy forward, complemented by a lingering cinnamon cracker aftertaste. This initial impression hints at the potential for the cigar to develop toward a medium strength as we progress.

One aspect I particularly appreciate about Sanj Patel is their commitment to preserving price. When I contacted them about acquiring these cigars for our club, I was impressed by the story behind the blend and their decision to maintain the original 1992 price point of just $9. This dedication to value is truly commendable.

As we delve into the first inch and a half, the cigar's exceptional construction becomes evident. As all his other blends. Consistent burning and a flawless draw are testaments to the craftsmanship of Sanj Patel and Chico Rivas. The strength gradually intensifies towards the predicted medium range.




Progressing into the second third, the cigar maintains its excellent performance in terms of burn and draw. However, the flavor profile remains relatively consistent, dominated by cedar and earthy notes. To enhance the experience, I paired the cigar with a cup of espresso, seeking to unlock additional flavor dimensions.

Approaching the halfway mark, a noticeable increase in intensity occurs, likely due to the cigar's gauge of 40 and the remaining length. This stage reveals subtle hints of citrus and chocolate, although the influence of the espresso cannot be entirely ruled out.





As I savor the final puffs, it's clear that the Sanj Patel SP1014 Love N Passion 740 excels in its value proposition. While it may not be ideal for a dedicated, contemplative smoking experience, its consistent flavor profile and exceptional construction make it a worthy addition to any humidor, particularly for casual smoking occasions or sharing with friends who are new to cigars.


Rating: 85

Component Points Explanation
Smoke 35 Light-bodied with creamy texture, earthy and cedar notes, potential for development towards medium strength. Flavor profile remains consistent throughout.
Burn 20 Even burn and consistent performance.
Construction 15 Flawless draw and well-packed construction.
Appearance 10 Visually appealing despite some veining.
Value 15 Exceptional value proposition with a price of $9.
Uniqueness 5 Re-released classic blend, but not entirely unique compared to other offerings.


Wrapper: Dominican (Pañuela, Aged Three Years)
Binder: Dominican (Navarette, Aged Three Years)
Fillers: Dominican Seco (Santuario in San José de las Matas, Aged Three Years), Viso (La Atravesada in Navarette, Aged Four Years), Medio Tiempo Piloto (Mao Region, Aged Five Years)
Size: Lancero (7 x40)
Strength: Medium
Price: $9.00