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Crown Heads Mil Dias Marranitos E648 LE 2023

Crown Heads Mil Dias Marranitos E648 LE 2023

Ever since my encounter with the Mil Dias back in 2021, it's held a special place in my humidor. The experience evokes memories of the beloved cubans, this has made it a consistent inclusion in our packs since 2021, featuring in the 2021, 2022, and 2023 releases.

Launched in 2020, the "Mil Dias" (Spanish for "1000 days") aptly refers to the meticulous time allegedly invested in perfecting the blend. Since then, they've introduced a maduro version adorned with a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and different formats to the core blend.

Today, we delve into the 2023 Mil Dias Marranitos E648. As an established fan of the blend, I felt compelled to offer a comprehensive review. The first impression is undeniably captivating. The vitola boasts a beautiful presence, hinting at a lengthy and enjoyable smoking experience. With only 2500 boxes of 12 cigars released in early April, exclusivity adds another layer of intrigue.

The Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper, replacing the original Ecuadorian Habano, exudes a delicate touch. Pre-light aromas reveal a harmonious blend of sweetness reminiscent of dried fruits, intertwined with subtle hints of pepper and cedar. The initial draw, though slightly tight with a straight cut, carries forward those enticing sweet and fruity notes.

The initial puffs deliver a medium-bodied strength, complemented by a smooth, creamy smoke. Leather and black pepper notes emerge, painting a distinct flavor profile. To ensure an unbiased assessment, I opted for sparkling water as the sole pairing.


As I progress through the first inch, a lingering sweetness persists, tantalizing the lips. The back of the tongue encounters pronounced cedar notes, gradually intensifying. The initial tightness in the draw thankfully dissipates, thanks to the heat from the cherry. The burn maintains consistent evenness, requiring only a minor touch-up, possibly due to a rushed initial light. The well-packed construction is evident, taking approximately 15 minutes to reach this point.

Entering the second third, the sweetness evolves, reminiscent of a dehydrated orange slice commonly adorning fancy cocktails. The creamy smoke and medium strength remain consistent, while the construction continues to impress. A timely ashing prevents any unwanted stains on my attire. Hints of dark chocolate, around the 75% cocoa range, begin to emerge, adding another layer of complexity.



Approaching the 50-minute mark and just over halfway through the cigar, nutty notes, specifically almond, join the flavor profile. Cedar aftertastes persist, providing a satisfying continuity.

As I navigate the final third, the experience takes a slightly spicy turn, introducing subtle almond nuances. Cedar aftertastes remain present, offering a sense of closure here.

I think the Mil Dias Marranitos E648 lives up to its reputation, delivering a captivating and flavorful smoking experience. The meticulous blend, combined with exceptional construction, makes it a worthy addition to any humidor. Whether you're a seasoned aficionado or a curious newcomer, this cigar is sure to leave a lasting impression.


Rating: 94

Component Points Explanation
Smoke 40 Medium-bodied with creamy texture, notes of leather, black pepper, sweetness, cedar, dark chocolate, and almond. Consistent throughout the smoke.
Burn 20 Mostly even with one minor touch-up, well-packed construction, ash held strong.
Construction 9 Initial tightness in the draw resolved, good ashing behavior.
Appearance 10 Beautiful vitola, delicate wrapper.
Value 15 Sitting at $12.50 per cigar or $65.00 for a 5pack including shipping this is a great cigar to add to your humidor. 
Uniqueness 10 Limited edition release of 2500 boxes


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Wrapper: Ecuadorian Sumatran
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Costa Rican, Nicaraguan, Peruvian
Size: Toro (6.125 x 48)
Strength: Medium+
Price: $12.50


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