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What is a Unicorn? 

A unicorn in cigar terms is a rare or limited production cigar that is difficult to find (near impossible). These rare and mythical cigars are what dreams are made of! For the cigar lover who is looking for something special or just a change up from their regular smokes, the Unicorn marks any occasion.

Why did we start this club?

PuroTrader is the market leader in rare, vintage and limited production cigars. We have been in business since 2014 providing two main services. PuroTrader the platform is the largest and most robust cigar platform in the world allowing for consumers, collectors and cigar-fans to find the best cigars at the best prices. We also have an exclusive invite only private client list where we personally source the ultra-rare cigars for the worlds elite level cigar lover. This list is referral only and many of our customers are celebrities, pro-athletes and well-heeled businessmen.

This has given us incredible buying power and a network of relationships within the industry. As such many of our customers and followers routinely ask me if they can purchase just one or two of these rare cigars out of a box. For years we have declined as the value of a complete box in the collector market is more than breaking it apart. However the demand has risen and we have taken the leap to offer these rare cigars via a subscription model.

What do you get?

Unicorn Members receive 4-5 cigars each month that are chosen either by us or other leading industry experts. These cigars are of the highest caliber as we are attaching our name to them. No hyped up overstocked no-name cigars here…EVER. These are some of the best cigars hand selected by industry veterans with decades of experience. We focus on quality and value, you will not be able to find these cigar for these prices in the market.

But wait there’s more…

Once per quarter we will send you a true Unicorn Cigar. You won’t know what its going to be, as the limited supply of these cigars will dictate that many members won’t receive the same Unicorn per quarter. They are that RARE! These are cigars that are either, rare, vintage or limited production. Often times these are cigars that we acquire through the PuroTrader platform and then “break-up” the box.

Ever want to smoke and Fuente OpusX Shark or Tatuaje Monster? We got them! Never had an out of production ten year old La Flor Dominicana Lancero? yeah, we got that too. Now is your chance to smoke the cigars of your dreams.

P.S – we still can't and will not supply cuban cigars.

What is "rare"?

Rare is a very tough thing for us to define as cigar distribution in the US isn’t exactly perfect.  While some cigar brands are easy to find in one part of the the states, they can be near impossible in others. Our pledge to you is that we will always strive to source the very best, aged, and limited production cigars. If you have been a fan of the PuroTrader Instagram feed or our website you will know we mean business.  

What is the cost?

We are currently offering two levels of membership:

- Unicorn level ($79.99 per month)

* Membership is set up to always be one month in advance.

Cancellation Policy: Cancel any time for any reason, we are here to help the cigar community and we know that comes through in every order. Please note that our subscriptions run one month ahead, meaning if you cancel today you will receive a pack the following month, but will not be charged again.