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Unicorn Hunter's Club ™ Gold Membership

  • $65.00


Calling all cigar aficionados!


Expand Your Palate with Unicorn Hunters Club, your gateway to a world of premium cigars and exclusive experiences. Unleash your inner explorer..


Here's what awaits you:


    • Monthly deliveries: Savor 4-5 hand-picked, premium cigars delivered straight to your doorstep.


    • Dive deeper: Each pack comes with a QR code linking you to detailed information about the cigars' origins and unique characteristics + videos on youtube.


    • Community of enthusiasts: Connect with fellow cigar lovers, share your passion, and discover new favorites.
    • Rewards: Earn UHC reward points every month and with every purchase, redeemable for personalized discounts.

Ready to embark on your cigar odyssey?


    • Packs arrive: First week of every month.


    • Billed on: 1st of every month.


    • Shipped out: Last week of every month (ensures accurate inventory).


Join the club and elevate your cigar experience today!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Anthony Ornelas
Always great cigars and service always over exceeds my expectations.

The selection of cigars I receive always exceeds expectations.. If you are a cigar connoisseur or a newbie, Unicorn Hunters monthly subscriptions is the best in the industry. They seriously are providing a service that’s is at the luxury level with cigars.

Aaron Jimenez

Unicorn Hunter's Club ™ Gold Membership

Joshua Guille

Unicorn Hunter's Club ™ Gold Membership

cody hall

Unicorn Hunters Club has been an amazing experience, from the cigars to the customer service they are unmatched! The dedication to cigar community within this brand is next level! I get excited to see what shows up every month and I have never been let down with what unicorn hunters delivers! Looking forward to years of membership

Marcus Hutchinson

The cigars where nasty I tried to like them but couldn’t get past the taste