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Warped El Oso 10 Year Anniversary Review

Warped El Oso 10 Year Anniversary

As a long-time El Oso fan (the original blend is a personal favorite), I was excited to dive into the El Oso 10 Year, also known as the "Grand Papa." This Toro (6x50) boasts a Nicaraguan binder, a departure from the original's Ecuadorian one. According to Kyle Gellis, this change was necessary to maintain the blend's intensity in this larger size. The original blend was a Toro (6x48) 

El Titan de Bronze never disappoints in the aesthetics department. The 10 Year's wrapper is a sight to behold – alive, velvety, and oily. The pre-light draw offered familiar notes of pepper, spice, and a touch of saltiness, reminiscent of Tajin seasoning.

Warped El Oso 10 Year Anniversary Review


The initial lighting puffs revealed a stronger profile than the original, with a more pronounced pepper punch. However, the familiar sweetness remained, accompanied by a comforting bread/cracker backdrop, a characteristic I adored in the original.

The sweetness took a different form in the 10 Year, almost marshmallow-like, perhaps reflecting my summer bonfire cravings.

The first third progressed with a delightful creaminess, hints of milk chocolate, cedar, and a nutty grain flavor similar to toasted amaranth. The burn and draw remained impeccable.

Warped El Oso 10 Year Anniversary Review


Entering the second third, the sweetness that dominated the original blend seemed less prominent here. The Nicaraguan binder's influence perhaps? I needed to touch up the cigar slightly due to uneven burning, but a quick fix with some heat resolved it easily. While the peppery notes lingered, the flavor profile lacked the exciting development and distinct notes of the original. However, the halfway point brought some welcome leather and earthy notes, adding a touch of sophistication.

Warped El Oso 10 Year Anniversary Review


With only 1500 boxes of 10 cigars produced, the El Oso 10 Year boasts an Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro wrapper with incredible aging potential. Its density and oiliness suggest a future rich with nuanced flavors. Spicy notes may mellow, earthy tones deepen, and hints of cocoa, coffee, or leather might become more pronounced with time.

Entering the last third with no real further development, I realise that the El Oso 10 Year is a good cigar, but it doesn't quite dethrone the original for me. The natural sweetness of the Ecuadorian Colorado Claro in the original better aligns with my smoking preferences, particularly for mornings. As the spices in the original taper off, that sweetness remains enjoyable – a stark contrast to the 10 Year's experience.

Warped El Oso 10 Year Anniversary Review


Overall, the El Oso 10 Year showcases excellent construction and delivers a solid smoking experience. However, for me, the original blend remains the champion with its captivating sweetness and delightful complexity.


Warped El Oso 10 Year Anniversary Review



Component Points Description
Smoke 30 Interesting profile with some complexity, but missing development and distinct notes compared to the original El Oso blend.
Burn 18 Slight uneven burning in the second third, requiring a slight touch-up.
Construction 14 Excellent construction with a great draw, minor penalty for uneven burning.
Appearance 10 Beautiful, velvety, and oily wrapper.
Value 7 The high price point of $25 per cigar makes the value proposition less attractive for some, even though the cigar offers good construction and its limited.
Uniqueness 10 Limited edition, only 1500 boxes made, once they’re out they’re gone unless they plan on a special re-release.



Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Binder: Nicaragua
Fillers: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic
Size: Toro (6 x50)
Strength: Medium+
Price: $25.00




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