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Unicorn Hunters Club : December Blog!

Unicorn Hunters Club : December Blog!

Can't believe that 2022 is over... wtf is happening to time! It's a good thing that growing up I found the equivalence to Saturday morning cartoons. Yep, you guessed it, it's cigars. Nothing beats the feeling of breaking away from everything and experiencing a cigar from start to finish with your favorite drink of choice. 

Anyway, this month we wanted to be bold. All but one of the cigars in this month pack a punch! Here's what we got!

  • Aladino Corojo Reserve  No. 4 (5 x 44)
  • Southern Draw Jacob's Ladder Brimstone Lonsdale (6 x 44)
  • Crownheads The Four Kicks Capa Especial Lancero LE 2022 (7.5 x 38)
  • Dapper Desvalido Disla Toro (6.13 x 52)
  • Mi Havana Cigars Legends 52 Ray Lewis (6.5 x 52) 

    UHC- Aladino Corojo Reserve No. 4

    The Aladino Corojo Reserve  No. 4 (5 x 44), Aladino has been putting out some heat recently. We have previously included this blend as a Robusto and you guys absolutely loved it! But this No.4, this one just hits differently. It’s classic. Made with Corojo from filler to wrapper, it feels very creamy, and you will get some dark chocolate, coffee, and cinnamon flavors. Look out for these when they’re available as 5 packs I can already predict they're going to move fast. 


    UHC- Southern Draw Jacob's Ladder Brimstone Lonsdale

    The Southern Draw Jacob's Ladder Brimstone Lonsdale (6 x 44). This is another new addition to a Southern Draws regular production. This cigar contains USA Broadleaf as its wrapper and binder with its filler being Criollo ’98 and Corojo ’99. Talk about bold! Love this blend because it has very sharp but smooth flavors of cedar and espresso. I also find it very earthy, reminding me of a great Bordeaux wine. I love me a good bordeaux.  


    UHC Crownheads The Four Kicks Capa Especial Lancero LE 2022

    The Crownheads The Four Kicks Capa Especial Lancero LE 2022 (7.5 x 38). YES, we are still on a mission to save the lanceros! This month we have the Four Kicks Capa Especial Lancero, a recently announced limited edition by crownheads. This blend uses an Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper over a Nicaraguan binder and fillers from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. This lancero is a medium+ cigar, definitely something to enjoy after a good meal. Lots of cedar, leather, and mild pepper notes on this one. 


    UHC-Dapper Desvalido Disla Toro

    The Dapper Desvalido Disla Toro (6.13 x 52). This cigar was named after the man behind the blend, Raul Disla, Dapper Cigars founder Ian Reith tasked Raul to make a new version of their Desvilado blend that was more to Disla's liking. We included the original blend in one march and you guys had great thoughts about it, it was only right that we gave you access to the new blend! No information on the blend differences was released but this cigar contains an Ecuadorian Habano Rosado wrapper, and both binders and fillers are from Nicaragua. You get aromas of roasted coffee, and very sharp flavors of oak, cinnamon, and some Mexican chocolate. (Abuelita chocolate, IFYKY) 


    UHC - Rocky Patel Legends 52 Ray Lewis

    Last but not least, the Mi Havana Cigars Legends 52 Ray Lewis (6.5 x 52). This is a bit different as I typically am not a fan of celebrity-endorsed products but I wanted to bring some light to this cigar. Not only was Ray Lewis a beast on the field, but he is also a BOTL. So much so that Rocky Patel made a cigar with him. Using tobacco from 5 countries, Patel created a cigar of flavor and slow-burning performance. Although the Rocky Patel Partnership ended, this cigar was brought back to life by Mi Havana Cigars, by famous roller Alejandro Glez. With this, you will get a lot of earthy and floral notes. Great draw, great burn, and a balanced medium-strength cigar all throughout. I was gifted this cigar by a close friend and really enjoyed it, paired it with a cappuccino and watched some highlight reels lol


    That's it for this year guys! Seriously can't believe it flew by this quickly. I hope you enjoyed every month's selections thus far, and remember that if you liked something in specific, you can shop for 5 packs at the best prices on our site.


    P.S- this is more for our beginner members but it never hurts to remind everyone that the best way to enjoy a cigar is to really take your time. Smoking too quickly will ruin your cigar and your palate. This is a journey, and experience of the senses, savour it, you deserve it.  

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