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Cigar Myths

Cigar Myths

Debunking Common Cigar Myths

Cigars…. Ahhh those rolled-up leaves of mystery and pleasure, shrouded in lore and tradition. But with all that smoke comes a haze of misconceptions and myths that can make even seasoned aficionados scratch their heads. Fear not, fellow cigar enthusiasts, for today I will try and clear the air and hopefully puff away the falsehoods!


Myth #1: The Darker the Wrapper, the Stronger the Cigar

Have you ever been lured by the "maduro mystique"? Dark, oily wrappers are often perceived as stronger, but this isn't always true. Wrapper color primarily affects flavor, not nicotine content. The real strength lies in the filler, the heart of the cigar, where different tobaccos and blends dictate the punch. So, don't judge a cigar by its cover (see what I did there), and explore a spectrum of shades for a richer flavor experience.

Myth #2: Cuban Cigars are the Best

While Cuban cigars hold an undeniable prestige, their reputation as the undisputed king of smokes is exaggerated. I said, what I said. While some Cuban brands are indeed exceptional, many non-Cuban cigars offer superb quality (they are hardly ever plugged) and unique flavor profiles. Don't limit yourself to one island; explore the diverse world of cigars and discover gems from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and beyond.

Myth #3: Size Matters (in Terms of Strength)

Bigger isn't always badder. While a Churchill may take longer to smoke, its larger size doesn't necessarily equate to higher nicotine content. In fact, smaller cigars can be surprisingly potent due to their concentrated filler. Also, don’t forget I’ve previously mentioned that size dictates how hot the cigar burns, the smaller the ring gauge the hotter it will typically burn delivering more bold and immediate flavors you will get. So, choose your smoke based on your preferred pace and flavor, not just size.

Myth #4: Humidor Lining Must Be Spanish Cedar

While Spanish cedar is a popular choice for humidor lining, it's not the only option. Mahogany, African cedar, and even cherry can all provide excellent humidity control. The key is choosing a wood that's naturally stable and doesn't impart unwanted flavors. Don't get hung up on tradition; explore different lining options and find one that suits your humidor and your taste.

Myth #5: Inhaling is the Right Way to Smoke a Cigar

Believe it or not many people still do this… Inhaling a cigar is a quick way to ruin your experience and potentially fuck up your lungs. (excuse my french) Cigars are meant to be savored, with slow puffs and long, creamy exhales. The smoke should dance on your palate, not flood your lungs. So, relax, take it slow, and enjoy the nuanced flavors a cigar has to offer. WITHOUT inhaling.

There you have it, hunters! A few common cigar myths debunked and sent up in smoke. Remember, the world of cigars is about discovery and personal preference. So, experiment, explore, and most importantly, enjoy the journey!

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