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UHC™ Taster Pack

  • $60.00
Introducing our UHC Taster Pack – a random selection of 5 premium cigars for just $60. Dive into a curated assortment, each cigar having once graced our past packs and earned rave reviews from our amazing members. Perfect for aficionados seeking a taste of variety without the ties of a subscription. Each pack promises quality, surprise, and a journey through some of our finest picks. No strings attached, just pure smoking pleasure!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William Mayer
Great Cigars

The pack I received contained boutique cigars. I’ve only smoked the Alabama Rose and it was one great cigar! I’m sure the other four will be just as great!

Abner Fuentes

Love the effort and the recommendations you give us a cigar smokers. By far the best.

Quintin Sheldon

The total value of the cigars I reviewed was less than what I paid, and the size selection was horrible. Spent $5 more through hunters than I would have to buy at my local H&M’s and the cigars were all skinny and long. I like a 50 ring gauge and about 5+ inch length and every stick felt like a 30x7, long and skinny like a cigarillo

cody hall
5 stars, nothing but the best from unicorn hunters club

Iv been lucky enough to smoke some amazing cigars, and to this day UHC has never left me disappointed! The cigars delivered are in amazing shape, properly aged and you can tell they’ve been taken care of someone who genuinely cares about supplying a great product and providing a top notch smoking experience! Nothing but good thing to say about the product and customer service from Unicorn Hunters Club

Nick Ringstad
Really Great

Highly recommend UHC